Future Fossils is a story exhibition featuring relics from a speculative civilization. Using otherworldly living materials such as mycelium clay, mushrooms, bacterial cellulose and paper, we’ve created objects born of a human civilization inhabiting a new planet. Our work speculates the primitive mechanisms & materials that emerge from the interactions between human intelligence & foreign biology.

Thrust into an unfamiliar world on a planet called Ocym, our galactic explorers observe and adapt to exist in a strange new world. Homo sapiens regress into primal beings where all technology is constructed from the raw, unfamiliar terrain around them. Extraterrestrial archaeology reveals artifacts that suggest an assimilated symbiosis with the local ecosystem, next generation folklore, unusual tools, and an evolution in human culture.

The function and meaning of these fossils are still being discovered. This collection offers a glimpse into a truly rare event: the adaptation of humanity to an otherworldly environment. Through these fossils, we can connect with the experience of our kin and imagine their home away from Earth.

In collaboration with Kessler.       

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