AToTA — A Taste of the Anthropocene

A culinary experience designed to taste the history of the Earth.
In collaboration with Josie Zayner, Jiabao Li & Cooper Galvin during SXSW 2022 at The ODIN.

The beginning: Big bang chocolate

When you bit into this chocolate, a chemical reaction occurres that simulates a rapid and sudden expansion.

Pre-life: Primordial soup*

Using fundamental ingredients like amino acids and salts, we formulated a soup designed to taste like the beginning constituents of the earliest life. Served in hand made clay cups.

Anthropocene: Glacier shaved ice

Ice cream made from Alaskan glacier water. Participants held their serving during a reading about the anthropocene, wherein the ice cream melts from the warmth of their hands.

Dystopian: Freeze-dried Big Mac®

A facsimile of the renown Big Mac was made in house, then slurried, freeze dried, and served in styrofoam containers.

Utopian: Mimosa egg*, lab grown chicken cells

A theoretical dish about a future where genetically modified chicken eggs could be anything. In this dish, orange juice was spherified resembling the yolk, while the whites were made of champagne. Served in a hand carved egg shell.

*primary contributions