/ CELL CULTURE — Making cell and tissue engineering accessible and simple

The dogma within cell culture and tissure culture is grossly complicated. Industry makes this practice appear untouchable outside of sophisticated labs and refined knowledge. The truth is you can get culturable cells / stem cells from noninvasive sources such as menstral blood. You don’t need expensive reagents to process your samples, you don’t need a CO2 incubaor, and you can set this up at home. 

My research here is motivated by a biotechnological revolution. I want to see biotech and genetic engineering break free from the system. My goal is to provide reliable, simple methods for basic techniques to set up future hackers for this kind of future. 

View protocols here:

Cell collection protocol from menstral blood

Genetic engineering of primary human cells with lac-z

3D bioprinting for tissue culture



Endometrial or epithelial cells growing in a culture flask. 


Genetically modifying cells with a Lac-Z plasmid that results in a color change in the media.