Human rib bones, Fomes fomentarius mushroom, clay, thread, river rocks

A clay piece reminiscent of an insect carapace is precariously balanced atop human rib bones. Smooth river rocks are wrapped just enough in thread to provide the ability to hang on. They are drapped over the top creating a delicate balance between instability and functionality. A controlled chaos.

As the tinder conk fungus (Fomes fomentarius) material burns at a rate of ~10 minutes per inch, it leaves scent of musk & earth. Eventually the thread burns, and stones fall making a loud sound that signifies the passage of time. This piece represents the inevitable passage of time, the human proclivity to measure it, and the imperfect methods in doing so. How even in the most primitive context, time and death shape our way of life. We had a running joke that this piece wouldn't survive the art show. It broke a few times while setting it up but we incorporated the broken pieces as part of the work. It did survive, and worked as planned. 

In collaboration with Josie Zayner